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Avida Land : Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
House and Lot ₱ 2,400,000 53 sqm
House and Lot ₱ 4,600,000 160 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Cash Payment
Total Contract Price Payable in 30 Days
With 9% Discount
Option 2: 10 – 90 (23 months)
10% Spot Down Payment
90% Remaining Balance Deferred for 23 Months
Option 3: 20 – 80 (12 months)
20% Down Payment Payable Over 12 Months
80% Remaining Balance Payable through Cash or Bank Financing

Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali is an attractive real estate investment by virtue of its accessibility via major establishments and roads. It also appeals by delivering modern housing and amenities in a picturesque setting at an affordable price, making it the preferred choice for a wide variety of home owners with intentions of living there with their families over a relatively long period of time.

Maintenance and property management by the esteemed Ayala Property Management Corp. should also assure investors that its value to residents and investors will not be compromised over time. The availability of easy payment schemes also helps to ease the financial burden of investing in a home unit or two.

The National Economic and Development Authority have estimated that Filipinos need approximately 800,000 residential units each year to secure a ‘decent roof’ over everyone’s head. Despite political turmoil in recent times, the real estate market for housing projects and office buildings are projected to grow in the years to come. Nearly 400,000 households can afford to purchase residential units annually, making the market for residential units competitive and potentially profitable. As such, investment in a residential-type unit like Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali will offer good business and investment potential for investors and end-users.

Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali also stands to appreciate in value by virtue of its proximity to the planned commercial and financial hub of Nuvali, which is poised to be the next financial centre south of Makati. The influx of business entities, investment dollars, professional workers and commercial activity will stand to boost the attractiveness of Avida Parkway Settings as a residential property. Nuvali’s growth from 1,800 hectares in 2009 to its current size of 2,290 hectares is testament to its appeal as a real estate development project, and there is a significant possibility that future expansion is in store.

Nuvali general manager John Estacio has noted that residential lot values have appreciated from P9, 500 to P20, 000 per square metre in recent years (commercial space offerings, on the other hand, have increased from P20, 000 per square metre to P 40,000 per square metre), and attributes this development to two major factors.

The first factor lies in its unique appeal as Ayala Land’s largest eco-community: “a harmonious and creative space, where a lifestyle of responsibility and sustainability is well-balanced”. Its 50-50 balance between built and open areas has created a conducive and enviable setting for optimum work-life balance. Residents can benefit from excellent urban infrastructure, while enjoying access to a multipurpose lake, mountain bike and hiking trails, a bird and wildlife sanctuary, and corporate teambuilding activities in Camp N’s camping grounds. The lived environment here also appeals by its integration of various land uses that allows for sustainable development and a harmonious coexistence with natural surroundings.

Estacio cited the development’s holistic and integrated planning as a “complete self-supporting estate” as the second factor: “It has attracted professionals and families alike to its work, living and recreational spaces that are bundled in one complete package”.

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